Carter Insurance Claims Services, Inc.


One of the most important decisions you make on your claim files is when you are assigning your outside work.

As the Insurance claims environment is becoming more complex, the need for courteous quality service to your customer is of paramount importance.


At CARTER Insurance Claims Services, we know that you are the custodians of your company’s corporate assets.  As the insurance  claims environment is becoming more  complex, the need for courteous quality service to your customers is of paramount importance.

In addition to investigating your claims, we are also prepared to evaluate the facts and make recommendations if requested.  In short, whether  you need a simple scene investigation, a full investigation and adjustment, a qualified representative at a settlement conference or a complete  claim audit, CARTER is ready and able to serve you.  We’d like the opportunity to utilize our experience, imagination and intelligent resourcefulness to obtain cost effective results for your company.

CARTER uses state of the art hardware and software to investigate, report on and manage claims, produce loss runs and bordereau, and to provide analytical information for our clients.